Industrial floor cleaning robot. On the basis of the Product as a Service economy model - with payment for square meters cleaned only.


- Pay yearly subscription fee with up to 90000 sqm included
- Receive a ROBOT/S to be placed at your facility
- No need to return until contract expires or canceled


- Available twenty-four hours, seven days a week - on demand. 24/7/365
- Fully automated water filling, washing liquid filling, waste tank discharging, charging and cleaning.
- Easy supervision via a mobile application.


Pay for cleaned square meters.
Robots as a Service from Dynamic Division optimizes operations by cutting up to 60% of expenses for commercial floor cleaning.

Dynamic Division

Robots as a service. <br />Affordable commercial robots.

Robots as a service.
Affordable commercial robots.

Dynamic Division d.o.o. is a young, innovation-driven company that was founded in 2019. The company’s key areas of development are R&D of innovative, functional products and comprehensive solutions in the field of robotization.

With an eye for detail, we are focused on developing solutions that can be implemented in production processes in the very near future and at the lowest cost. We adapt our products to the existing production infrastructure.

Now is twenty first century but people are still cleaning huge floor areas involving manual labor.
This leads to that up to 80% of all expenses for commercial floor cleaning consist of labor costs. With necessity to pay extra for each over time or nighttime work.
Beside this there are high prices for cleaning equipment, its service, modernization and finally utilization.

And our solution is.

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. Industrial cleaning robot

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. On the base of Product as a Service economy model — with payment only for cleaned square meters.
Available twenty four hours, seven days per week on your demand.
No need to pay any extra for overtime or nighttime work.
Easy supervision via mobile application.
No need to purchase, no maintenance, no utilization.
Fully automated water filling, washing liquid filling, waste tank discharging, charging and for sure cleaning.

We offering 3 easy steps to robotized your cleaning tasks
Subscribe. Push the button
. Pay for cleaned square meters.
Oleksandr Iurkin (co-founder)


We are looking for financing to manufacture 100 robots and reach 65.000.000 sqm/yearly