We enable commercial cleaning companies to cut their floor cleaning expenses by 60%.

We do this using our industrial floor cleaning robots which we offer as a subscription


No need to purchase.
No maintenance.
No need to retrain employees.
EUR 900/Year


Available 24/7/365 - on demand.
Easy supervision via a mobile App.
Fully automated water filling, detergent filling,
waste tank discharging, charging,
navigation and cleaning.

Pay for cleaned area

As low as EUR 0.005/sqm
Up to 45k sqm included

Fully automated:

  • water & washing liquid filling
  • waste tank discharging
  • charging
  • navigation
  • cleaning

Dynamic Division Cruiser

Up to 2000 m2 on
one charge

21 century now but people still clean the floor involving manual labor. This leads to that up to 60% of all expenses for commercial floor cleaning consist of labor costs. With necessity to pay extra for each overtime or nighttime work.

Robots are too expensive now.
More expensive then manual labor and often requires even more people involved to operate. Or to retrain employees to work with high-tech machines.

We have developed almost completely autonomous floor cleaning robot from the ground up. With minimal operator intervention.
Which can be assembled on a very budgetary basis using existing parts compatible with different manufacturers.
We have developed the Robots as a Service concept, allowing us to use remanufactured components. To make robots even more affordable.
We have developed a very simple, reliable and maintainable system of autonomous operations (draining, refueling, docking).

And we ended up with a simple, reliable robot that copes with its tasks perfectly.
Accessible even for small cleaning companies and small warehouse owners right today!

Oleksandr Iurkin (co-founder)

Meet our team

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people” - Steve Jobs

Oleksandr Iurkin


Entrepreneur. Economics, strategic planning, crisis management, PR. Co-founder of the first co-working space in former CIS (sold). Successful experience in development and exiting a number of local startups.


Vyacheslav Iurkin


Entrepreneur. Economics, Finance. Experience in leadership positions in state public utility enterprises. Co-founder of the local corporate adventures startup. Confirmed experience in retail and network deployment.


Andrii Maistruk

Chief Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineer. Constructor,
30 years of work experience. More than 5 years in the arms industry. Experience in managing a team of design engineers for more than 50 people. Over 20 scientific publications.


Vadim Susol


DevOps engineer. The one and only C ++ developer in country with confirmed ROS (Robot Operating System) skills. True Jedi. Sees the code and its consequences. Thanks to Vadim we managed to reduce the R&D time by almost 2 times.


Anatoliy Oleynik

Embedded Microcontroller Engineer

uC and robot-manipulator specialist. Prize winner of the National robotics contests. Development and design of automated production lines. Design and implementation of printed circuit boards.

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